How to Add a Background Image in WordPress

Do you want to add a background image to your WordPress site? Background images can be used to make your website look more engaging and aesthetically pleasant. In this article, we will show you how to easily add a background image to your WordPress site.

Most free and premium WordPress themes come with custom background support. This feature allows you to easily set a background image to your WordPress site.

If your theme supports custom background feature, then we recommend using this method to add a background image to your WordPress site. However, if your theme doesn’t support custom background feature, then you can use other methods in this article.

First you need to visit the Appearance » Customize page in your WordPress admin.

This will launch the WordPress theme customizer where you can change different theme settings while viewing a live preview of your website.

Next, you need to click on the ‘Background image’ option. The panel will slide in and show you the options to upload or select a background image for your website.

Click on the select image button to continue.

This will bring up the WordPress media uploader popup where you can upload an image from your computer. You can also select a previously uploaded image from media library.

Next, you need to click on the choose image button after uploading or selecting the image you want to use as background.
This will close the media uploader popup, and you will see your selected image’s preview in the theme customizer.

Below the image you will also be able to see the background image options. Under preset, you can select how you want the background image to be displayed: fill screen, fit screen, repeat, or custom.
You can also select background image position by clicking on the arrows below. Clicking on center will align the image to the center of the screen.

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save & Publish’ button at the top to store your settings. That’s all, you have successfully added a background image to your WordPress site.

Go ahead and visit your website to see it in action.

Other method is add the background image using css

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