How to Fix File and Folder Permissions Error in WordPress

Are you trying to fix the file and folder permissions error in WordPress? Incorrect file and folder permissions can cause errors on your WordPress site during upload. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix file and folder permissions error in WordPress.

How File and Folder Permissions Work in WordPress?

Your self-hosted WordPress site lives on a computer run by your WordPress hosting company. This computer acts as a server and uses a special software (usually Apache) to manage your files and serve them to browsers.

File and folder permissions tell the server who can read, run, or modify files hosted on your account. WordPress needs permissions to manage files and create folders on the server.

Incorrect file permissions can block WordPress from creating folders, upload images, or run some scripts. Incorrect permissions can also compromise security of your WordPress site.

In most cases, WordPress will try to warn you that it can’t edit a file, create a folder, or cannot write to disk. However, sometimes you may not see any proper error messages.

Correct File and Folder Permissions in WordPress

The correct set of file and folder permissions allows WordPress to create folders and files. The following settings are recommended for most users.

755 for all folders and sub-folders.
644 for all files.

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