7 Items To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Theme


1. How Much Do You Want to Pay for Your Theme?

One of the most significant things to consider when buying a WordPress theme is how much you’d like to spend. You need to make sure the amount you are spending on the theme will reflect how much you want to invest in your business. Keep in mind that a free theme is just as great as paid ones, and they are ideal for starting out in WordPress.

2. Do You Want a Theme That Needs Little Customization?

Not everyone is a technology wizard and creating the perfect website can take a lot of time and effort. An excellent way to see if a theme is worth all the time and effort it is to check out the reviews and see what other people say about it.

A great way to get your website to look great out of the box is using demo content. This way, you simply have to replace the content the author put in there, so it’ll take less work on your part. This method of replacing the dummy content is perfect for people with little to no knowledge of coding.

3. How Responsive is My New Theme?

Nowadays, people mostly browse websites on their phones and tablets. Therefore, it is crucial that your site in responsive. The less responsive it is, the more visitors you will lose over time. Especially if it’s an online store, this will result in less revenue, and that can seriously hurt your business.

It’s best to choose a simple theme with fewer features because more feature means that they may slow down the responsiveness of the site. Most theme makers offer refunds, so if you ever end up buying a theme that affects your website’s responsiveness, you know what to do. But make sure that the problem is not on your part (bad coding, for example) before requesting a refund!

4. Checked the below things as well?

  • Menu – What options do you have to customize the menu?
  • Social icons – Are they in a clear and relevant location?
  • Landing Pages – Is there any option to create a landing page?
  • Homepage – How do the homepage and blog posts look?
  • What layouts are available?

5. How User-Friendly are This Theme’s Settings?

In all likelihood, you are not an expert web developer. Therefore, you will want to choose a WordPress theme that is easy to customize and setup. Before settling on a theme, determine how the settings are organized and how easy they will be to adjust and maintain in the future. Ideally, all the settings will be in one central location. However, there are some developers that scatter them throughout the site, so beware of this.

6. How Secure is This Theme?

Most people overlook security when setting up their WordPress website, but it is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration. One of the best ways to determine how safe a theme is by reading customer reviews. In general, you should stay away from themes that have few to no reviews or downloads. Customers are usually quick to pick up security lapses, which means that you can learn from other’s experiences and find a safe WordPress theme.

7. Is it SEO Ready?

There are certain plugins that you can install on your WordPress site to assist with SEO. However, not all themes support these plugins. Be on the lookout to see if SEO is mentioned in the features list.

You may also have to do some of your own testings. Look at the theme demos and see if it supports SEO plugins and has HTML tags. Also check how quickly the page loads, as slow pages are not good for SEO purposes.

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