9 Best WordPress Backup Plugins For Worriless Sleep!

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1. Backup Buddy

The single most reliable, simplistic and cost-effective backup plugin for WordPress on the market is BackupBuddy. I say “cost-effective” because it is not free but it is a premium tool which is worthy of its investment. It hosts a dedicated support team and a forum for troubleshooting any issue, if any, that arises.

Another major advantage of using BackupBuddy is its license based service. You get the license to use the plugin for the number of sites you mention in your plan. The license entitles you to support forums, regular updates, and more importantly, a 1GB of cloud storage for your backup.

2. BackWPUp

If you are in search of a free backup plugin then BackWPup is the preferred choice. It allows you to backup and stores your complete backup on Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, e-mail or on your personal computer. With an easy to use interface for backing up and restoring, it also offers automatic scheduling according to your website update frequency.

3. VaultPress

If you are willing to go the extra mile to safeguard your website, then VaultPress is for you. It offers you tools which help you to keep a whole snapshot of your website. All the features are provided in the premium quality, with easy to operate user interface.

VaultPress also comes with cloud storage, thus ensuring extra safety. As an added benefit, it also scans your code file for any malicious content.

4. PressBackup

Another reliable free backup resource for your website is PressBackup. It creates .zip files of each and every element of your website, which can be downloaded on your personal computer or stored on a server via FTP. It is simple to use and comes in a handy size as well.

5. UpdraftPlus

Updraft is a highly popular free plugin which helps in creating a backup of WordPress site on Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox, and even via email. You can even perform quick restores, select specific files to backup and even download backup archives. If during a backup your upload fails, then the plugin is configured to reattempt the upload again. There’s a premium version as well, so you can switch to it for more features.

6. Duplicator

Duplicator is a backup solution that is not only limited to backup but can also copy your entire website. As you can imagine, this is a powerful backup solution, it may be one of the reasons why the plugin is installed on more than one million sites and has a rating of 4.9.

This plugin gives you the opportunity to migrate, copy, clone your site entirely from one location to another, which is a great solution if you are looking to rebuild your site that is no longer working.

7. blogVault

You can use blogVault if you are looking for a free solution that offers automated WordPress update services. This is a solution that already has nearly 20,000+ installations and 4.3 rating as noted on WordPress.org.

This tool provides automated (which can be scheduled) backups to Dropbox if this is your storage solution. However, before running properly, blogVault needs some pre-setup, and even though the documentation claims the fact that the installation is simple, you will need to invest some of your time.

8. WordPress Backup & Clone Master

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9. Backup My WP to Dropbox

Saving your WordPress site is good, but having the files in a secure place is better. This WordPress backup plugin behaves like most other plugins by allowing you to make a backup of your WordPress site with a single click, or based on WP Cron for the latter to trigger automatically.

The big difference is that when the backup is finished, the zip file will be automatically sent to DropBox, and an email will be sent to inform you of the archive. Backup your WordPress site on Dropbox is the assurance of having WordPress backups always on hand.

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