How to Move WordPress From Local Server to Live Site

Step 1: Export Local WordPress Database

First, you need to export the database from local phpmyadmin, which one you have used for your WordPress website.

  • Goto -> http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  • Choose database
  • Click Export 

Step 2: Upload WordPress Files to Live Site

  • Now we’ll need to move all your site files to your live site.
  • Goto your server filmanager and upload all files to live root folder

Step 3: Create MySQL Database on Live Site

While your FTP client is uploading your WordPress files, you can start importing your database to the live server. Most WordPress hosting providers offer cPanel to manage your hosting account, so we’ll show you how to create a database using cPanel.

  • Goto cPanel dashboard
  • Click MySQL Databases icon
  • In the new windows enter the database name and click create database.
  • Once database was created, create the database user, and asign to the newly created database.

Please refer your hosting server document for more information, because above option is varied for each server.

Step 4: Import WordPress Database on Live Site

The next step in the process is to import your WordPress database. Go to your cPanel dashboard, scroll down to the databases section and click on phpMyAdmin. This will take you to phpMyAdmin where you want to click on the database you created in Step 3. PhpMyAdmin will show your new database with no tables.
Click on the Import tab in the top menu. On the import page, click on Choose File button and then select the database file you saved in Step 1.
Lastly, press the Go button at the bottom of the page. PhpMyadmin will now import your WordPress database.

Step 5: Change the Site URL

Now you need to change the site URL in your database, so that it will connect with your live WordPress site.
In phpMyAdmin, look for the wp_options table in your database that we just imported in step 4. If you changed your database prefix, then instead of wp_options it might be {prefix}_options.
Click on the Browse button next to wp_options or the link that you see in the sidebar to open the page with a list of fields within the wp_options table. 

Under the field options_name, you need to look for siteurl. Click the Edit Field icon which can be found at the far left at the beginning of the row.

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