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WordPress is the most popular content management system which powers nearly 27% of all websites on the Internet. It’s themes whether free or premium is now more in demand than ever. So, today we take a look at a brand new multi-concept theme for 2017. Method is one of the best and user-friendly themes created by the folks at PixelGrapes.

Appearance of Theme

Let’s start with the theme aesthetics because it is what gets your site noticed. Method delivers on this front with beautiful elements and stunning animations. The attention to detail is what can define an actual premium theme. Method lets you customize element colors and layouts and just about everything else. There is a boatload of customization options both globally and within pages and posts.

Of course, it’s not all about the shine. Method is well-coded and structured using WordPress best practices.

One-Click Installation

Method comes prepackaged with some excellent full demo sites to get you started. It has been made super user-friendly with one-click installation of any of the predefined demo sites. The demo is optional, and you can build your site using the page builder.

Easy Customization

As mentioned, this theme offers a lot of global customization options. Layout options include header layout, navigation layout, post layout and footer layout. There are other customization options you should expect in a premium theme like the custom logo, social links, etc.

In-Page Customization's

This is where Method begins to separate itself from a common theme actually. With each page or post, you will find a Settings panel which allows you to override global settings, like header image or navigation colors, which gives you maximum flexibility.

For example, if you choose a light header image on a particular page you can then open the page settings panel and change the header overlay opacity or logo color, for instance, to better display over your chosen header background. There is an excellent balance struck between power and simplicity within the theme settings panels.

Page Builder

Method uses the powerful and intuitive Tailor page builder. The page builder blends seamlessly within the WordPress admin environment. A few key points to note about the Tailor page builder:

  • Easy to Use: The interface is intuitive, inspired by WordPress itself and (importantly) white label.
  • Easy to Extend: Developers can easily create their custom elements and functionality.
  • Powerful Functionality: Users can control the appearance and behavior of elements and create complex nested layouts.
  • Content-Driven: Content elements are at the core of Tailor and can be moved around between elements (thereby inheriting the appearance and behavior of its parent).

Method theme extends the Tailor page builder with several custom elements like progress bars, pie charts, animated icons, pricing tables and more.

Smart Slider 3 Pro

Method theme also comes packaged with the best slider for WordPress. Smart Slider 3 Pro features a next generation visual editor to create responsive and animated sliders. Smart Slider Pro now includes an extensive slider library which provides the perfect starting point for quick and beautiful site layouts.


Method ships with very detailed documentation, describing all settings and elements with screenshots and examples. The docs detail the process from installation to site launch. However, I think you will find this theme to be very user-friendly and intuitive. I didn’t find the need to refer to the documentation very often.

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