Top Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017


To help you prepare for wherever the web design tide takes us in 2017, we've put together a list of design  trends to keep a close eye on. Check them out below, and get inspired to tackle your web design projects this year with style.

1) Bold Typography

This style works best when the rest of the page is kept minimal and clean.

2) Cinemagraphs

Full Screen high quality videos or animated GIFs in your home page, it's attracted more users. Make sure while adding videos it's loading time is faster

3) Experimental Compositions

Use Stunning masonry style layouts, or eclectic structures for more attraction.

4) Bright Gradients

Most of the graphic designers pick a flat UI colors, we are recommended to use gradient colors for more attractive for your design.

5) Vivid Layers of Color

Staggered, stacked layers of color add depth and texture to a simple site layout, as seen in this stylish example from the São Paulo-based team behind Melissa Meio-Fio.

6) Straightforward, Simple Text

Use clear images and clear text, avoid to using background images, it's reducing the site looking.

7) Illustration

Adding illustrated touches to your site is a great

8) Overlapping Text and Images

Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios.

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