Why Schema Markup is Important & How It Can Boost SEO Performance?


What is Schema?

Schema is structured data or a code which is used to put on the website so that a search engine knows what your website is all about. It is somehow like rich snippets.

In simple words, schema clarifies to the search engine what your page is about. Later, search engines can interpret this information available on your web page so they can display relevant results to users based on search queries. A search engine shows the results with social media icons, tweets, basic info and reviews in its searches.

Here is a simple example by Brightlocal.com to know how schema does that:

“If a page is talking about Java, your Schema markup will clarify to search engines whether the page is about coffee, a programming language code or the Island in Indonesia. This is one of the most important benefits of Schema markup — it can be used to clarify exactly what a business is about.”

How is It Done?

Schema microdata is placed in between the content of a page to define exactly what it is and how it should be treated. And it is quite simple and you don’t need to learn coding for that. Schema.org provides you a list of the most common type of schemas or markup vocabulary that can be understood by all search engines. You can lift the tags from here to add to your HTML to improve your page appearance.

Benefits of schema markup for seo:

  • Schema markups make your page looks more attractive, informative and engaging in SERPS with snippets and images. A user is more likely to click such results. This is why websites having schema markup have a possibility to rank better than those without mark up.
  • Local businesses can clarify to search engines what their business is all about, what they sell and how to contact them.
  • With a markup, search engines understand your business type and offerings. For example, you markup explain that you are a dentist and not an orthodontist; and you are available in different languages. Or that you deal in Apple PCs and not the apple fruit.
  • Schema markups are useful to promote events directly in search results for local queries like “events near me”. Your business pops up in the search results with information about the venue, performers and ticket sellers.
  • With the help of schema markup, you can display business details in SERPs, like logos, contact numbers, customer care, social media accounts, blogs, and founders. If your business has various names or you have changed a name, your Schema will let the search engine know about that.

Site Navigation Schema Markup:

Site Navigation Schema is used to make search engine aware of your site structure and navigation. In simple words, the markup shows the categories like About Us, Our Services, Contact, and Our Locations in SERPs. For example, the page given below has all its major categories displayed by the search engine.

Video Schema Markup:

If your page has Video Schema markup, it will appear in SERPs with small tiny videos next to your results. These videos can be embedded or hosted video content. It will make your page stand out in the sea of search results.

Website Schema Markup:

Website Schema markup is used to show Search Box Feature in SERPs along with a site name. Make sure you have an existing site search on your website so that Sitelink Search Box element works for you.

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